"Hold on to the good, let go of the bad." Dolly Freed

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Soggy Summer


I am not at all a fan of the sub-tropical rendition of it that we have to do with here. Oh. I appreciate the fact that the heat, humidity, and these frequent rains keep the grass growing so I can keep mowing to garner an income. There is something positive to be said about being able to spread the peanut butter a little thicker … if only for a season.

The aforementioned climatological combination has also produced an environment suitable for a thriving mosquito population. Big ones. Little ones. Mid-sized ones. Whale of an onslaught. Worst I have seen it in several years. The little ones are the worst of the mosquito lot. They are hard to see, move in quick, do a little touch and go, then are gone leaving you itching.

DEET stinks. Though an effective deterrent for mosquitoes and ticks it has some health hazards attached to it. An occasional doping is one thing. Daily applications for months on end are another thing altogether. Just how much DEET do I want to breathe and wear? None if I can get away with it.

Dryer sheets, rubbed on exposed skin and clothing, repel mosquitoes. I do not know if it is any safer but that box by the dryer is my go to when I can remember to do it. We do, after all, use it in the clothes dryer. My problem is remembering to do it. More often than not I have the itching whelps to remind me that I did not remember.

Pulling out early and getting home late has been normal fare this summer.

I am not a fan of that either. I do not mind the out early part. It is that other side of the nickel that complicates things and throws me behind in doing what needs doing around here to keep the sub-tropical jungle from taking over. I suppose that is not such a terrible price to pay for being successfully self-employed in a small business that allows me the daily opportunity to be outdoors feeding the mosquitoes while dodging lightning bolts.

There were several druthers on my mind this morning. One of them was firing up and trying out the little brake drum forge that I built. Gosh. That was back in May and I still have not hammered on any iron projects. I did, however, set my druthers aside, take weed eater in hand, and bravely make an initial assault against the mosquito filled jungle that only a few weeks ago looked like a well kept raised bed garden.